How do I resolve the error "Vivid not found" with my Vivid 9i on Windows 7?

**This article applies to computers with a Windows 7 operating system with Geomagic Version 12.**

Please follow these steps to get the scanner communicating:


1) Be sure to have the driver installed for the Ratoc SCSI to USB device.  (This can be found on  Note: if you have a 64-bit machine, the driver must be purchased from the site.  The 32-bit driver is free.)


2) Plug SCSI cable into scanner, and make sure the SCSI to USB device is powered.  Also, plug in the scanner power cable.  DO NOT plug in the USB to the computer yet!


3) Boot up computer.


4) Turn on the scanner and wait about 30 seconds until it reads "Press any button to continue".  Press any button on the back of the scanner.


5) Plug in USB cable to computer.


6) Launch Geomagic.  Go to the Hardware tab and select the Minolta plugin icon.


7) Click on the Scan icon.



If you still get the Vivid Not Found error, please try the following two suggestions...


1) Right click on the Geomagic icon on your desktop.  Go to the Compatibility tab.  Check the box for Run this program as an administrator.  Click Apply and then OK.



2) 64-bit only...  Download zip  Extract WINASPI64.dll from the zipped folder and copy it to C:\Program Files\Geomagic\Common\V12\MinoltaVivid\.


Then please launch Studio again and try to scan.


If you still have problems, please contact Geomagic Technical Support.

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