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User Guides And Tutorials

  1. Wrap Romer Setup Guide

Installation and Licensing

  1. Legacy Installation and Licensing [Legacy] In version 11, why am I getting the error "File type unsupported with current license configuration" when I import a IGES, STEP, or STL file?
  2. Legacy Installation and Licensing [Legacy] Why are some of the menus disabled (grayed out) in the application?
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  1. Is there a way to “off-set” the radius of the sphere while collecting points with hard probe in order to have the real position of the point?
  2. How do I create a custom icon?
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Scanning and Probing

  1. I have calibrated my Probe and have set the correct probe tip option. Why are my probed features still showing off the diameter of my probe tip?
  2. Why am I seeing wavy scan lines and mis-aligned scan passes while scanning?
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Scan Data Processing

  1. How do I use Target Registration if I have merged scans with sphere targets and the number of targets do not match in each of the objects?
  2. Are there any tips to reduce the size of my point model?
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Design and Modelling

  1. Are there any tips to reduce the file size of a part I have created in Exact Surfacing?
  2. I have a thin walled part and I am seeing the contours on other side of the model during the Exact Surfacing phase. Is there a setting that will help with decrease seeing the other side of a thin walled model?
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  1. Is there a way to run macros and scripts with out the user interface?

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