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How do I borrow a network activated license?

Borrowing a network activated license

Please follow the steps below on how to borrow a network activated license.

1) For circumstances where a computer or laptop will not have access to the Geomagic license network, but still need access to a Geomagic license, temporarily borrowing a license may be necessary. 
Before beginning, make sure that your Geomagic network activated license has already been set up through the Geomagic License Server Utility (server-side) and the Geomagic License Utility (client-side). A guide on how to complete the network activated licensed setup can be found by following the steps detailed here

2) On a client computer (not the server hosting the network license), open the Geomagic License Utility. Select Network License for the license type.

3) Under the left panel, select Borrow License. Select the date when the license will be returned under the drop-down menu, then click the checkbox of the product for which the license will be borrowed. Note that license borrowing is valid for up to 14 calendar days from the current date. Once the selected date has passed, the borrowed license will expire from the client computer and be returned to the license server.

4) Click the Borrow button to the left of the license return date drop-down list. A dialog window showing that the borrow was successful will open.

5) The Geomagic License Utility will now display the borrowed license with the date when it will be returned. 

6) To return the license before the expiration date, select the borrowed license, then click the Return button. A dialog window will open to show if the return was successful.

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How do I borrow a network activated license?
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How do I borrow a network activated license?

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