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Dark Site License Issue

Some customers may have issues getting the Response.ofa file to activate within their Offline_Activation_Server.exe.  Below is an example of an error message that may be encountered:

One way to resolve this issue would be to re-download the Offline Activation Server 32 bit from  Once downloaded, copy and past the offline utility into
C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Systems\Geomagic license server Utility.  Find the Dark Site Server activation process at

Make sure that your are not saving the response or request file on top another OFA file.
If you are having trouble with either the request.ofa or the response.ofa file, delete the file and start over with a fresh new OFA file.

Also try running the Offline Activation Server as Administrator by right clicking on the offline utility and selecting "Run as Administrator".

Please note that the license activation code is case sensitive and must be entered with the keyboard CapsLock ON.

One main feature of the Dark Site license is that the request.ofa file is machine specific. The customer will need to generate the request.ofa file on the machine that is going to host the license.  The error message below will be shown if the customer is trying to use the response.ofa file on a machine that is different than the machine that generated the request.ofa file.

The request.ofa and the response.ofa needs to be done on the same machine for the license file to work correctly.

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Dark Site License Issue
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Dark Site License Issue

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