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Release license in FNOOD

Customer tried to release their 3D Sprint license but still shows in the License Information within Geomagic License Utility.Sometimes when they try to release their license it stills shows up in the License Information table.  The license is “stuck” and you are able to locate the code and click on “release”.  You’ll release their code within FNOOD.
  • Locate their code, name, email, or company name in SaleForce. See if their code for 3D Sprint in under their assets. 
Click on their activation code that they are not able to release.  Next, click the “Open in FNOOD”. 
A new window will open with the license information.  Click on the “View” tab and select “View License”.  You’ll see that a license is being used and to release the license, click on the “Return” button.
You will receive an email about the release of the license, confirming that the license was released.  Once you release the license, the customer is then able to re-activate the code right after it’s been released.

*** Note: When you need to release a code, have the customer to close out the Geoamgic License Utility before doing this.
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Release license in FNOOD
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Release license in FNOOD

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