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Hotels and Transportation - Moorpark, CA

Simi Valley Hotels
Best Western Posada Royale: rate $98++, includes breakfast buffet & in-room internet
1775 Madera Road
Simi Valley  CA 93065, US

Grand Vista is at $110++, includes  in-room internet
999 Enchanted Way
Simi Valley CA 

Courtyard Marriott is at $189++, includes  in-room internet
191 Cochran Street
Simi Valley CA 93065


Shuttles (ride share), available locally and with service to and from LAX.  Shuttles can be booked for service to and from hotels and 3DS Moorpark office.  We don’t recommend a specific one for local transportation.  Trainees are responsible for their own transportation. 
  • The following long-distance, door-to-door van company provides service from LAX to areas North of Los Angeles County. Passengers are encouraged to contact the company first for more information.
  • The following long-distance, door to door van companies provide service from LAX and areas in Southern California counties. Passengers are encouraged to contact the companies first for more information.
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Hotels and Transportation - Moorpark, CA
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Hotels and Transportation - Moorpark, CA

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