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How to uninstall Geomagic Design from the Registry

In some cases you will need to complete a full uninstall from the registry and then reinstall the software. This will ensure that all lingering system files for Alibre are deleted so you will have a fresh install.

Note: Please use caution when performing this task. if you are uncomfortable editing the Windows System registry please contact your System Administrator.

Make sure to back up all needed files, for example data files or models saved to these default directories. Deleting the directories without backing up needed files will result in data loss.
1.  To uninstall from the registry you will need to find and delete the following files from your computer.  (Note:  Depending on your particular installation one of the two items will exist.  If you do not have one of these files, that is OK, proceed to step 2.):

Delete C:\Program Files\3D Systems\Geomagic Design


Delete C:>Program Files>Alibre Design


2.  Go to Start Menu>Search Bar> typing "RegEdit"

--HKey Current User>Software>Alibre
--HKey Current User>Software>Alibre Inc.    
--HKey Local Machine>Software>Alibre Inc.   *

* Note:  if you cannot find the Alibre Inc in the HKey Local Machine folder, you will need to check HKey Local Machine>Software>Wow64Node folder.


3.  Reboot the computer!


4.  Now reinstall your copy of Geomagic Design. 



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How to uninstall Geomagic Design from the Registry
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How to uninstall Geomagic Design from the Registry

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