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<!-002-->[Legacy] How do I obtain my Geomagic software and License file?

Note: This article applies to Geomagic versions 2014.0.1 and earlier only.

Step One: Portal Access

IMPORTANT: If you already have a log in password to the Geomagic portal, go to Step Two.

  1. To access the portal, go to

  2. Click Request Login.

  3. Follow instructions on the Request Processor page clicking appropriate Customer or Partner login radio button.

  4. Complete the form and click Send Request button. The information will be authenticated and a password forwarded within 8 business hours. To expedite, email


Step Two: Download the Software:

(From the computer on which the application will be deployed)

  1. Once logged into the portal, look in the left navigation column to find the heading Product Downloads

  2. Click the appropriate software product (s)

  3. Click the link to download the .exe file

  4. Browse to a directory to save the software on your local hard drive.

  5. Follow the prompts for installation.

  6. Upon successful download the Geomagic icon will appear on the desktop


Step Three: Acquire Geomagic License

For Node (single machine or dongle) Licenses with Internet access

  1. Double click the Geomagic icon on the desktop to start the license wizard.

  2. If prompted for updates click yes.

  3. If using a dongle insert dongle prior to proceeding.

  4. Click one of the 3 hardware devices displayed.

  5. Complete the license request form displayed. Use the entitlement number included with this correspondence.

  6. The Email Address in this form must match the email address to which this correspondence was sent.

  7. Click submit via Internet button and Finish

  8. The software will launch immediately if the process has been successful.


For Floating (Network) Licenses and Single machine licensee’s without Internet access

  1. Go to

  2. In the left navigation column click Support

  3. Under heading of Support, click link.

  4. In the center of the page click the link Apply for a Geomagic software license.

  5. Complete the form utilizing the entitlement number provided with this email.

  6. The host id is the MAC address of the Network Interface Card.

  7. To find the host id of the server, go to Start, Run and type: CMD

  8. This opens a dos window. Type: ipconfig /all (there is a space between the g and /). Hit Enter.

  9. Look for the first physical address – that is the host id.

  10. The Server name is the name of the computer (floating license only)

  11. Click Send Request


Within 24 hours a geowatch.dat license file will be sent to the email address indicated in the above form. If you do not receive the license within 24 hours, email

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[Legacy] How do I obtain my Geomagic software and License file?
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<!-002-->[Legacy] How do I obtain my Geomagic software and License file?

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