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Installation and Licensing

  1. Online Activation How do I activate my Geomagic Solutions product using an Online Activation Setup (formerly Virtual Dongle)?
  2. Online Activation How do I activate my 15-day Geomagic Solutions product trial?
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  1. When I click on any menu title, a blank drop-down appears. How can I fix this?
  2. Is it possible to import a Pro-E assembly?
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Scanning and Probing

  1. How do I open a Minolta .cdm file?
  2. How do I correctly install the Adaptec ASPI SCSI driver for my Minolta Scanner?
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Working with Points and Polygons

  1. Are there any tips to reduce the size of my point model?
  2. Can I increase the display size of the points?
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  1. How do I use Target Registration if I have merged scans with sphere targets and the number of targets do not match in each of the objects?
  2. If I want to create a new alignment do I need to delete the old alignment first in Geomagic Control?
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  1. Why are my D value Annotations displaying different numbers than my Dx, Dy, Dz values?
  2. Can I use a CAD 2D curve to compare it a polygon cross section and get a deviation report?
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Reporting Results

  1. Why is Adobe Reader crashing when trying to render a 3D PDF?
  2. Why am I unable to create a 3D PDF Report in Geomagic Control using a large point object?
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Scripting and Automation

  1. How do I use Tkinter while running a script inside the application?
  2. How do I compute Wrap using C++ and the COM Server?
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