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Installation and Licensing

  1. Virtual Dongle How do I activate my Geomagic Solutions product using an Online Activation Setup (formerly Virtual Dongle)?
  2. Virtual Dongle How do I activate my 15-day Geomagic Solutions product trial?
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  1. Is there a way to “off-set” the radius of the sphere while collecting points with hard probe in order to have the real position of the point?
  2. I have a ATI Radeon graphics card. Why am I receiving a crash whenever I try and launch Geomagic 2013?
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Scanning and Probing

  1. How do I open a Minolta .cdm file?
  2. How do I correctly install the Adaptec ASPI SCSI driver for my Minolta Scanner?
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Scan Data Processing

  1. How do I use Target Registration if I have merged scans with sphere targets and the number of targets do not match in each of the objects?
  2. Are there any tips to reduce the size of my point model?
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Design and Modelling

  1. What does the "2 degree" error mean in Contours>Edit Extensions when I click on the Check Problems button in Studio?
  2. What does the "Hybrid" error mean in Edit Contours when I click on the Check Problems button in Exact Surfacing?
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  1. Is there a way to run macros and scripts with out the user interface?

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