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  1. Fixing a Cimatron version 12 preference file problem.
  2. Why won't Cimatron import this Iges drafting file?
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Installation and Licensing

  1. Cimatron version 12 will not start, and no type of error is given.
  2. Cimatron will not start. The error message given is that "The floating license is used as a local license."
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Mold and Die

  1. In Cimatron Mold Design there seem to be a lot of options for insert design. Which is best?
  2. What are the requirements for an ejector pin catalog part so that it will work well with the ejector trim and pocket functions?
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  1. How do we create a new cutter library using an NC file that we already have all the cutters in?
  2. Can I save a template for NC setup, so that i can have different ones for different machines?
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Post Processor

  1. What do post errors like "Post error, failed to finish" mean?
  2. What is the folder for the post processor files?
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  1. How to do we set certain types of parts to fall within certain ranges of ID numbers in the BOM?
  2. How do you create a Cimatron dimension that is not along the view horizontal or vertical?
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  1. Why would a part that has a saved "visible part size" lose this attribute when placed in assembly?
  2. What is a good font choice when creating text that will be engraved in NC?
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  1. How do I add an electrode from an older Electrode project into my current Electrode project?
  2. Why would a new electrode project not have the correct preference settings?
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