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<!-006-->[Legacy] What is a Host ID and how do I find it?

Note: This article applies to Geomagic versions 2014.0.1 and earlier only.

The Host ID is a 12 digit combination of numbers and letters (also known as the MAC Address or Physical Address) used to identify the computer or dongle that the Geomagic license is tied to. To find the host ID, please follow the instructions below for the corresponding type of license.


If you are requesting a license from the general website or portal website, please type the host ID in the form Hxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Single Machine Node-locked License: Dongle

The host ID is listed directly on the dongle. It is in the syntax ID-9-xxxxxxxx.


Single Machine Node-locked License: Network Card (i.e. locked to one computer)

1) Go to Start>Run (if running Vista or Windows 7, right-click on Run and select Run as Administrator)


2) Enter cmd, then click OK



3) Type ipconfig /all in the prompt and press Enter.


4) Following Physical Address is the 12-digit code (boxed in the picture below). This is the host ID. We recommend using the Host ID for your Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection (not a wireless card, as sometimes Windows can turn these off to save power)



If the machine says that the "media is disconnected", then the network card is probably turned off. Check if the ethernet / wireless adapter is enabled in the Device Manager under Network Adapters.


Windows 7 / Vista: If there is a small down arrow next to the name of the network adapter, it is disabled. Right-click and select Enable to connect the adapater.



XP: If there is a Red X through the adapter, it is disabled. Right-click and select Enable to re-connect the adapter.



Network Floating License (if on the license server)

Follow the instructions for the Network Card License.

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[Legacy] What is a Host ID and how do I find it?
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<!-006-->[Legacy] What is a Host ID and how do I find it?

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